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850C Center console Boat

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03 Ağustos 2023 - 7:16

850C Center console Boat

Extremely Exciting and Reliable: 850C Consolidated Boat

Extremely Exciting and Reliable: 850C Consolidated Boat

850C is an 8.50 meter center console boat model produced in Turkey. The technical specifications of this magnificent boat are as follows:

Total Length: 8.47 meters
Width: 2.85 meters
Stone: 0.36 meters
Dry Weight: 2100 kilograms
Engine Capacity: 200 hp (149 kW)
Maximum Engine Capacity: 2×250 hp
Person Capacity: 15 persons
The 850C draws attention with its standard equipment and extra equipment:

Standard Accessories:

head roller
Ram horn (NiCr) 4 pcs
U-Ring Bolt (NiCr) 3 pcs
Front and rear guardrail
command console
Console windshield, windshield tube, and in-console cab
plexiglass door
Door ventilation (NiCr)
Control seat (double seat) and seat leg
Manual wax toilet and installation
Sink battery
Stairs (NiCr)
command chair reclining sausage
seat cushions
lay the tiles
Radio, stereo + marine speakers (4 pcs)
Colored edge cards
Shark Drawings
Fishing rod holder (CrNi) 4 pcs
Deck flex covers
Water tank (fiberglass) and water filler cap
Shower and installation
both are key
Battery (2 pcs)
80lt plastic fuel tank, float and fuel gauge
Hard ceiling (NiCr)
Cup Holder (4 pcs)
Cabin vents
side rail
Handrail end cap (CrNi)
Electrical Installation:

port starboard lamp
illuminated flagpole
recessed horn
Switch Panel (8)
pool lighting
Bilge pump
pressure hydrophone
radar reflector
Extra Accessories:

Deck flexiteek coating
Electric windlass 900W
Bimini (Moving Awning canopy)
With its spacious interior and durable construction materials, the 850C is the perfect option for both a fun cruise and a safe sea voyage. It also offers the option of restriction, thanks to privileged and storage units.

With its powerful engine options, the 850C will excite maritime enthusiasts and offer unforgettable adventures at sea. This special boat model, produced in Istanbul, is a measurement of Euro Boat’s use and quality-oriented approach.
Euro Boat, Turkey, the company established in 1981 as a boat manufacturer based in Istanbul, was founded in 2002 in Istanbul. Thanks to its years of experience and knowledge, Euro Boat has built many successful fiber boats and sold many motor yachts, pleasure boats and fishing boats in Turkey and abroad. Over the years, it has opened to international markets and exported such as the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Libya, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Israel. Today, it continues to receive orders for many fiber boats from abroad and continues its production activities for this consumption.

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