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Heesen Yachts

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14 Şubat 2024 - 14:41

Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts: Power and Beauty, Confidence and Performance

Heesen Yachts is a unique brand that combines power and beauty, trust and performance. The hardest steel and strongest aluminum are shaped with skill and dedication by Heesen’s craftsmen. Once the fire is lit, this brand becomes an unstoppable force, distinguished by hard work and determination.

A Challenging Legacy

This adventure, which began with Frans Heesen’s purchase of Striker Boats in 1978, saw the birth of a company that produces the world’s best superyachts almost forty years later. Despite Frans Heesen’s departure from the company in 2012, Heesen Yachts continues its mission to create yachts that push the limits.

Heesen Yachts: Dutch Shipyard

Heesen Yachts builds refined luxury superyachts known for their exceptional performance, cutting-edge technologies and timeless designs. Each yacht is designed for the highest level of excellence and with the aim of meeting expectations. Here are Heesen’s important milestones:

1978 – Founded: Frans Heesen takes over an existing shipyard in the port of Oss and begins production of aluminum Striker boats.
1979 – First Yacht: A year later the 20 meter Amigo was launched, the first yacht to bear the Heesen name.
1988 – Octopus: The 38-meter Octopussy became the fastest luxury yacht in the world with a top speed exceeding 50 knots.
1992 – Başaran: Expanded Heesen’s range with the construction of the 50-meter Achiever, a luxury yacht designed for long voyages.
2013 – Galactica Star: The 65-meter Galactica Star became known worldwide as Heesen’s first fast displacement yacht.
2014 – Alive: The first yacht in the world to harness kinetic energy using the Hull Vane, Alive became an example of advanced engineering.
2016 – Galactica Super Nova: It is Heesen’s largest yacht with a length of 70 meters and a deck area of 357 square meters.
2018 – Cosmos Project: The 80-metre Cosmos is the fastest all-aluminum yacht in its class and was designed to celebrate Heesen’s 40th anniversary.
Heesen Yachts is constantly seeking innovation and aims to produce even larger and more technologically advanced yachts in the future.

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